Custom air shelter tents for events, weddings, concerts, festivals, sporting events, fairs, and emergency medical response.

Air shelters or inflatable tent structures allow for rapid deployment with quick and easy setup. We offer high-quality custom inflatable tents that are heavy-duty with maximum durability that you can pop-up almost anywhere. Perfect for events that require a sheltered area as well as disaster relief or emergency response situations that require medical tents or temporary shelters. All aspects of the air tent design can be custom made to your specifications.

Custom Inflatable Tents for Events

Inflatable tents for events are ideal for outdoor sporting events, fairs, auto shows, Logos and custom branding can be applied to the inflatable structure. Great for shading your attendees from the hot sun or keeping them out of the rain.

Custom Inflatable Medical Tents

We can produce small medical tents for emergency situations as well as giant modular inflatable field hospital structures. These can be quickly deployed by  a small team for disaster relief or pandemic response.

Giant Inflatable Domes

These large scale domes provide an ample amount of shelter for your event or exhibition. Connect multiple domes canopy space.


Our inflatable shelter tents are produced for maximum durability and reliability. Essential shelter wherever and whenever needed. A substantial, modular structure can be deployed in as little as 2 hours with a crew of workers. These air-supported structures are a great solution for any situation that demands a temporary shelter. Great for temporary housing, events shelter, emergency medical response, and much more!


  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Emergency Management Services
  • Disaster Relief / Pandemic Response
  • Hospital Public Health Crisis
  • Outdoor Events
  • Promotional Event Kiosk
  • Industrial / Commercial


  • High Quality Construction
  • Durable 0.6mm or 0.9mm PVC
  • Fully Customizable
  • Quick, Easy Setup Within Minutes
  • Strong Structural Integrity
  • Long Lasting 120v Air Blowers
  • Stores Compact When Deflated